It was my great pleasure to work with Alexander de Blaeij. His conducting was clear and elegant and he really was able to do everything to make it as easy to sing for me as possible . He has a talent to lead and accompany at the same time, which is very rare. The best part of it was that we had tremendous fun and really got in the flow together, the most wonderful achievement in making music together.

Eva Maria Westbroek

‘There are many conductors, young and old, with unambiguous and diverse talents. But conductors who possess the enviable ability to intensify the musical articulation in long lines and at the same time are able to ensure perfect structural coherence are rare nowadays. That can only be found in the old and venerable generation of Wilhelm Furtwängler, Sergiu Celibidache, Sir Reginald Goodall and Carlos Kleiber.However, exceptions confirm the rule, and Alexander de Blaeij is such an exception, witness his interpretation of the Prelude to Wagner’s music drama ‘Tristan and Isolde’ that took me back to the old days.’

Maarten Brandt
Musicologist and leading Wagner scholar

‘As Chief conductor of the Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra, I was impressed by the excellent active violin playing of Alexander de Blaeij. Later, when I saw him conduct, it was clear to me that he has a strong personality connected with an innate talent for conducting. I invited Alexander to study conducting with me at the University of Graz to further develop his talent.  In only a short time, De Blaeij rapidly developed into a reliable and challenging conductor.’

Martin Sieghart
Honorary guestconductor van Het Gelders Orkest

‘Alexander de Blaeij is in my opinion a very talented and promising young conductor. Thanks to his beautifully natural and flowing conducting technique,  he is able to directly inspire an orchetra with his passionate intensity and enthousiasm. His style of conducting grabs the orchestra’s attention and results in musical interpretations full of long lines of artistic tension.’

Sonja van Beek